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Together as a TEAM, we are STRONG πŸ’«

Team LetsConnect

AZIS, 21 β€” Website Developer

My name is Alfian Azis, some call me Azis, some call me Alfian. I am the last of five children. I was born from a little family in Malang. My father works as a laborer(machine mechanic), my mother is a housewife, my three older sisters are married and live in their own houses, my second brother died from a high fever when he was a baby, and lastly me. I am a student at STIKI Malang, currently in my seventh semester. 

I really like drawing a lot, whether it’s hand drawn or digital drawing. It is my main hobby. I put some of my sketches on Instagram.

I have also really liked to play video games since I was a kid.

But somehow I felt like I have passion in website development and game development, but especially in frontend web development. It is because I like something that keeps my head thinking to solve a problem, just like a puzzle (I also like rubik’s cube :D). But sometimes my body is tired because I sat a lot, and then I started skateboarding, just to make my mind and body fresh from all those screen stuff.

I started to get interested in web development when I was in the first grade of high school. But because I felt like the school didn’t give me enough knowledge of this. I learned the rest by myself, going to the internet cafe to play online games while downloading some web dev tutorial to study and practice at home on my crappy laptop that I used until semester four and it finally broke. I had to go back to an internet cafe again to do the assignments. My family gathered their money to buy me a new laptop that I use until now.

My life principle is to always be grateful of what we have and make the most of it. And I also believe in karma, cuz if we always be kind and help others, we will get good treatment from those around us and vice versa. Of course it doesn’t always happen, but i believe something really good is waiting for us in the future. And LCP’s vision and mission really suit my life principle a lot, that makes me want to go “All In” on this project

IVAL, 21 β€” User Acquisation

I love hiking

My name is Ronald Arrival Fajar was born in Malang. I am 21 years old. In my family there are 6 members, namely father, mother, me, younger siblings, grandparents. I am the first of 2 siblings, my younger sister is currently studying 2nd grade vocational school while I am studying 7th semester of college. I have a hobby of playing volleyball, raising fish and playing outdoors, especially hiking. Playing to nature provides a lot of new experiences or values ​​that I can. Nature teaches lessons.

The principle in my life is, “No matter how small an act is, it should be appreciated. Whatever little pleasure, should be grateful “. Because even the slightest good deed must come from a noble intention and we should be able to appreciate it with a greeting or a gift. And from what we get in the form of favors, a little or a lot of sustenance should still be grateful and shared with people. That is a principle that I instilled in myself and that I can gradually instill in my brother.

My life principle is directly proportional to the Let’s Connect mission. On Lets Connect I really find a place where I gather with people who respect me and also help me. Here I am also really comfortable with the people involved in Let’s Connect and are interested in the noble mission that the Let’s Connect Project describes. Despite many problems or twists and turns, the LetsConnect Project still has to run and I want to be part of a member serving the world πŸ™‚

IRFAN, 21 β€” iOS & Android App Developer

Hi, my name is Irfan Alfiansyah, usually called Irfan.

I started working right after high school. Currently I am working at two jobs. I am also taking night classes to get a degree to advance my career.

I have developed 23 Apps so far, listed here on my LinkedIn Profile

I am someone who likes learning new knowledge and traveling. From traveling I believe that every human being is born free to travel wherever he wants, and from science I believe that we are able to make a better world, because without science we will not arrive at an advanced civilization like now, and do not rule out that our civilization could be much more advanced in the future.

On the other hand, an advanced civilization cannot be achieved without good mental health, which is why I joined Lets Connect. If Elon Musk works to make a better earth, then I work for a better world.

To better earth, to better world.

IFAN, 20 β€” BackEnd Full time Programmer

My name is Akhmad Fairuzi Ifan.  I am the first of three siblings, my two younger brothers are one in 6th grade and the other is still in kindergarten. My hobbies are watching movies and trying new things, I’m a high school graduate with a major in Software Engineering, and currently I am the full time programmer at LetsConnect.

I started my career as a programmer since I graduated from Middle School to be precise 2 years ago, starting from where I was interned for the first time I was invited to contribute in making applications that actually operate in the real world not a case example anymore like in school, for the first time I am very happy to see someone operating an application that I am involved in developing, to be honest personally, I have my own satisfaction when someone uses it and feels easy with what I have developed, from there I am more and more convinced to focus on this area, then I started receiving work from there, ranging from freelance work on several application projects, then collaborating on several application projects with colleagues, until finally I worked as a full time programmer at LetsConnect.

I have a life principle of “The Highest Achievement in Life is Being Beneficial”, because I think the ultimate goal of all the processes we do is to be beneficial, starting from our eating to be healthy, we can think healthily, then we can learn and distinguish good and bad, for us to be able to do good and be useful to others, therefore I am very grateful to be able to provide benefits through what I have developed, and what I have learned even though it’s only a little, and even though it’s small in scope.

By being involved in the LetsConnect team I have had the opportunity to become a helpful person, with the LetsConnect mission that wants to help and make it easier for people who have problems with their mental health. And besides that, by being involved in this development team, I have been given the opportunity to continue to improve my abilities and continue to develop in a field that I like, and this is a challenge for me personally to contribute in realizing the LetsConnect  to be bigger and more useful for many people.


My name is M Irfan Syarifuddin. I am the first of 3 siblings. My first brother is currently studying, and the other is still in high school, my father works as a private employee, while my mother works as a teacher in an elementary school in Malang. 

My hobby is skateboarding, the most important thing in my opinion is with my family, because I think the first support system comes from the family itself.

 I am interested in joining the team and joining the LCP because many in my environment often meet my friends who complain about their current mental condition, starting from the lack of support from their family and friends, so that they don’t seem to know where to find someone else to talk to, I want to help people around me especially for parents about mental health, because in my environment mental health is often considered a taboo disease and is often considered a crazy person.


My name is Yordan Al Yudha Ardhanta Putra, usually called Yudha, the first of two siblings. My hobby is doing outdoor activities or it can be called climbing. The important thing in my life is family, because the supports given have kept me strong and strong in living life until now. My interest in joining LCP is due to something the system / application built in this company is very good, because it deals with doing mental help for someone who needs to live a better life.

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