Today is March 30th, the World Bipolar Day.

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

If you have Bipolar, please know that you are not alone. Having Bipolar can be hard (I’m having mixed episode as I’m writing this ?), but it is manageable. Remember to be kind to yourself. And remember, no matter how difficult an episode is, it WILL last. Stay calm, take care of yourself, and wait until the storm ⛈pass. And the storm ☔️ WILL pass, my dear friends ❤️.

Hugs ?,

? Sophie ?

PS. World Bipolar Day is an international collaboration to bring awareness to those living with bipolar disorders and to fight the social stigma surrounding it. World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on March 30, the birthday of artist Vincent Van Gogh who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after his death. Source: Embark Behavioral Health. Check out the link, it has a clear, easy to understand explanation about Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2.