What is Mental Health Recovery?

Recovery is not the same as a cure.

Recovery means being able to create and live a meaningful life and contribute to our community, even with our mental health issues.

– LetsConnect Project


workwiththebrainyouhave.com is the Catalogued Resource Library of the WorkWithTheBrainYouHave Community Page.

On this Website you can find all the resources that were posted on the WWTBYH Page, organized by:

1. The TOPIC or CONDITION of the brain disorder (e.g. Bipolar2 Disorder, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.) or

2. The TYPE of the resources (e.g. article, video, scientific paper, etc).

WorkWithTheBrainYouHave” the Page,

WorkWithTheBrainYouHave” the Website and

You’re Not Alone” Online Support Group

are Non-Profit Projects of Sophia Athena

🌻 HANG IN THERE is Sophia’s blog. Sometimes she likes to share her thoughts 💭 on things 🌻 .


1. Sophia Athena is not a doctor or a medical professional. Sophia is a trained scientist and researcher by trade. This website is a collection of resources Sophia found through research during her journey towards recovery. She decided to share her findings with the hope that these resources and information will help others as they did for her.

2. Please do not self-diagnose. You must see a mental health professional in order to get a proper diagnosis.

3. The information and resources provided on this website are for reference purposes only.