Doctors discover telehealth’s silver lining in the Covid-19 crisis original article



Telehealth has many advantages, including keeping patients safe from possible exposure to the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, improving access to care, cutting health care costs, and contributing toward a greener earth by cutting down on car trips to see doctors in their offices. It also offers its own type of personal and lighthearted or even heart-warming connections.

Over the past few weeks, I have had conversations with several colleagues about this new wrinkle in our professional lives. Here are some of the things we enjoy about telemedicine in the time of Covid-19:

Seeing our patients in their pajamas.

We can work in pajamas, too.

Finally “meeting” the dogs and cats they talk so much about.

Gently reminding them about social distancing as their grandkids play on their laps.

Feeling amazed after a successful FaceTime visit with an 89-year-old.

Getting magnified views of chin hair, moles, nostrils, and other facial features of patients who aren’t fully familiar with the cameras on their phones or computers.

Conversing about their home décor and choice of wall color.

Realizing that it’s now acceptable to enjoy a cup of coffee with our patients.

Actually seeing ourselves as we chat, and fixing our hair or smiles in response to the image in the video window.

iPads are now a legitimate business expense.